Case Studies

Cadbury Dairy Milk

22 - 25 March 2014

THE TASK: Increase online and offline conversation by bringing Cadbury Joyville to life in an integrated and experiential marketing campaign.

Touch PR & Events was instrumental in generating awareness for CDM’s brand campaign Joyville, with a series of events including media engagement, street activations, instore activations and Facebook initiatives.

Joyville is a magical land in the imagination of every chocolate lover, where workers whistle to chocolate, milk is stored in hillsides, and joy exists in every bar of Cadbury Milk that is made.

To clearly demonstrate the brand concept, joy workers dressed in CDM’s famous purple were invited to media houses and along the crowded Orchard Road to spread sweet treats, play games and bring smiles to faces. The Joyville spirit was further ingrained with the use of talented musicians who played the TVC melody with their banjos, accordions and tuba.